11th Doctor Knit Doll

This was the first knit doll I did, and it was a gift for my friend Sabrina.  I made the doll before I had this blog up, so here is the finished product:


To see the materials used, check it out on Ravelry.

This is the first outfit the 11th Doctor (played by Matt Smith) wore in the series 5 premiere of Doctor Who… or at least, the first outfit that he actually picked out and wore.  I keep thinking about knitting a raggedy doctor, but it’s low right now on a long list of priorities… anyway, here are some shots of the original outfit as seen on the show:


And here are some of the construction photos… like the Lizzard Crafts Finn Pattern, it was done in two flat halves, but I don’t have any pictures of sewing him together because it was my first time trying something like this, and I was concentrating SO. HARD.  Started at the feet, and worked my way up.  I like doing arms/hands in the round on double pointed knitting needles (from the armpit down), finishing up with a hand that’s pretty much like a miniature mitten.  Here’s a picture of his arms and legs… (“Legs, I’ve still got legs… and fingers, ooo, lots of fingers!”)


Here he is with his body finally sewn together, but the arms weren’t on yet.  he’s starting to look pretty cute!  I will eventually put up a bowtie tutorial, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is.


Eyes are the little plastic pop in kind you can buy from Jo-Ann.  Here’s a pic to show you how they work, you pop them in the front and then slide the little plastic backing in from the wrong side of the work.  Once I discovered these, I became utterly addicted.  They’re so easy to install, and I think they add a realism and cuteness (sparkle in the eye) that other eye methods just don’t do.  They’re available in colors too, but to be honest, I think they look a little creepy… I’ve seen people use them on their dolls before, and I think they kind of come out looking a bit reptilian.  😐


Arms get sewn on, he’s looking human Time Lord!  Juuuust… bald.


We all know Matt Smith can rock the bald look…


Buuuut…. he needs hair with this outfit.

I’m sorry I don’t have a good tutorial or images for his hair, but I promise later on I will show you guys how I do knit hair on my dolls.  Boy hair was such a challenge… girl hair you just root in and style or braid, but boys… if you don’t root it in at both ends it turns into a hot mess.  I found a solution on pinterest, but it was a crochet pattern, and I don’t crochet… so I basically adapted that by chain stitching the wig cap on, and embroidering the hair on top of it.  I’ve done 3 of these pink-shirt-red-bowtie 11th Doctors now for various people, and I’m actually currently working on one, so when I do the hair I’ll take lots of photos and I’ll get a tutorial up.  It’s done similarly to this, but nowhere near as neat and professional looking…


Tweed jacket time!  I had fun designing the pieces (two pieces in front, one in back) with excel… in fact, most of my “patterns” (I use that term so loosely because it’s not really a pattern at all) are designed with excel.  At some point maybe I’ll take a screen shot and show you what they look like.  Again, I forgot to take pictures of the jacket pieces before I sewed them together in this vest like thing…


Looking pretty dapper there, sir!  At this point I did some jacket sleeves in the round with double pointed needles, and sewed them on to get the completed product, which I’ll repost the image from above in case you don’t want to scroll up…


The sonic screwdriver got added later, I’ll do a tutorial at some point for that too.  But here’s a close up.


Will post for the 10th doctor soon!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Wibbly Wobbly Knits is here!

Hello, humans!  I now have a corner of cyberspace to post updates on my knit dolls, including plans, construction pictures, and finished pieces.  A few of you have asked me for patterns to make my knit dolls, but unfortunately, most of my knitting is done on the fly without a pattern.  I’ll try my best to show you how it’s done though through this blog!

A little about me, I’ve been knitting since 2009 (though I took a break from about 2011 to 2013 because I got more than a little obsessed with quilting).  I’m also trying to learn how to crochet, mostly just for the purpose of detailing my knit dolls, but my training wheels are still on.  I’m also an amateur writer, with some of my writing up on www.jamespotterproject.com.  I’m into way more Fandoms than are healthy… uh, what else… I like peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  That’s important.

How about where to start if you want to knit your own dolls?  I’ll tell you where I started, I was into Adventure Time, and I wanted to knit a doll of the lead character, Finn.  In my opinion, the best knitting pattern out there for that is from the Lizzard Crafts blog, here (and best of all, it’s completely FREE).  Her construction method was super simple (done almost entirely in flat pieces on straight needles that you sew together), so I decided to alter it.  Major changes included increasing the height of the feet, adjusting the width of the tummy, and adding a normal shaped human head, and doing my own version of arms in the round with mitten like hands.  I also added details like suspenders or converse sneakers with intarsia, and sewed on other details like bowties and pocketwatches.  If you want to learn how to produce dolls like the ones I make on this blog, I suggest starting with her Finn pattern, and then altering little by little.

Well, that’s it for now… I’ll update soon with some construction photos from completed projects.  Catch ya later alligator.