Hercule Poirot Commission and Puppy Wristlets

Hey guys, knitting this past month has been a bit slow, since I was away on vacation for a few weeks in California and Hawaii.  Right before I left, I took a commission to do a Hercule Poirot doll, from Agatha Christie’s Poirot.  Here’s the finished product:

poirot knit doll wibbly wobbly knits

I’m embarassed to admit I had no idea who Poirot was until I took the commission, but the show apparently ran from the late 90s to just a couple of years ago…


Over the years Poirot has worn many costumes, but my favorite was the light grey suit, so I decided to knit that one.  His bowtie was grey in all of the reference images I found  (like this one):


So I decided to add a pop of color by changing the bowtie to a nice, bright lavender color 🙂


Construction for this doll was pretty much the same as the 11th Doctor (Doctor Who) in his purple series 7B outfit, which you can see here.  There were a couple new challenges, though.  One was to make him a little more rotund around the middle, which just involved adding a few more knit stitches around his tummy.  The bigger challenges were the hat, cane, and eyebrows.  The top of his hat is knit, but the brim is made from a piece of stiff felt (you can buy this stuff at Michaels) that I cut out in the shape of a brim.  Here’s a construction photo where I was testing the circumference of the inside circle, and if it fit his head properly.


The top of the hat and the cane were both knitted on smaller needles (I can’t remember what size, maybe a size 4?) with super bulky black yarn, to make a very tight and sturdy fabric.  The top of the cane (silver part) was also made with the super bulky yarn, but in grey.  As for eyebrows, theyre cut out of the same felt as the brim of the hat, and glued on with this magical concoction that I can only assume was passed down by the gods:


I’m happy with how he came out, and the buyer was very excited, so that makes me even happier 🙂

In other knitting news, I took a bit of a break from dolls so I could make a friend a pair of wristlets (fingerless gloves) for her birthday.  She has two adorable dogs, a yellow lab and a black lab mix, so I decided to embroider them onto the finished product.  Here’s a couple shots:



And the pups who inspired me:


The puppies were embroidered onto the wristlets by duplicate stitch, which is my new favorite thing.  Here’s a great tutorial for duplicate stitch!

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