How to Knit a Miniature Bow or Bow Tie

Hey guys, instead of a progress post, today I’m posting a tutorial for now to do a super simple bow tie (Because bow ties are cool!)  If you know how to knit and purl on straight needles, you can do this!!


If you’re interested in how I made the rest of him, check out the progress blog post here.

The finished bow tie is about 2 3/4 inches, depending on what kind of yarn you use.  There are other tutorials out there for knitting bows, but a lot of them aren’t as three dimensional as this one, and I like the ‘pop’ that these add to my knit dolls.  What’s fun is that there’s no limit to what kinds of crafts you can use these for… it might actually be fun to make some 11th Doctor mittens with these on them!  The set in this picture is crocheted, but you could totally do a knit version with my bow tie 😛


Background!  Every doctor has clothing items that are his “essence,” and for the 11th Doctor, it’s his bowtie.  Throughout Matt Smith’s run on the show, he wore a pretty hearty spread of these little fashion gems, as evidenced by this cool graphic someone more clever than I put together.


The most iconic of the bunch is probably the red, because it was the first, so that’s the one I’ll be doing today.  I usually use red heart super saver yarns or the loops and threads impeccable brand.  I’ll be using the latter in burgandy (got it at Michaels).



1)  Cast on 6 stitches, leaving a very long tail (I use the longtail, slingshot method).  This will be used later to wrap the bow tie into shape and sew it into place.


Here’s help with the longtail, slingshot cast on if you need it on youtube!

2)  Row 1:  Knit across

3)  Row 2:  Purl across

4)  Repeat these two rows (stockinette stitch) until your project is just under five and a half inches and bind it off.



You can see here how long I left the tail.

5)  Seam together the bind off and the cast on edge.  This is a good skill to learn in general, useful when you make scarves if you want to turn your scarf into an infinity scarf.  Here’s a tutorial.  Don’t worry if it’s ugly, I use this as the wrong side anyway.  No one will see it!

At this point you should have a little ring.


6)  Flatten it down into a little rectangle, and using that long tail you left from casting on, begin to wrap around the middle (TIGHT).  I kind of try to squish it in such a way that it’s pretty in the front, if that makes any sense.  Try to keep it centered so your bow tie is even!  If it’s not centered, just unwrap it and try again!

Here’s the wrong side with my seaming…


And here’s the right side, or front with the wrap started.  Yes, in the background that’s a piece of my office chair that broke while I was sitting on it a couple weeks ago… sometimes I use it as a gaming chair but right now it’s drying some of my laundry.


Andddddd…. wrapwrapwrapwrapwrapwrap….



7)  Once you’re happy, tie a good strong knot to secure it on the wrong side, and you have yourself a cute little bow tie!  Don’t cut that tail, because you can use it to sew the bow tie in place wherever you want it!


Here I am sewing the bow tie in the place of honor!  I go back and forth along the wrong side, stitching it completely down.  Otherwise, if you just secure it from the middle (and not the wings of the bow) it pops off a little bit too much… this also helps to keep it straight.  Again, please excuse my laundry.



TADA!!  See, I told you you could do it!


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