Wibbly Wobbly Knits is here!

Hello, humans!  I now have a corner of cyberspace to post updates on my knit dolls, including plans, construction pictures, and finished pieces.  A few of you have asked me for patterns to make my knit dolls, but unfortunately, most of my knitting is done on the fly without a pattern.  I’ll try my best to show you how it’s done though through this blog!

A little about me, I’ve been knitting since 2009 (though I took a break from about 2011 to 2013 because I got more than a little obsessed with quilting).  I’m also trying to learn how to crochet, mostly just for the purpose of detailing my knit dolls, but my training wheels are still on.  I’m also an amateur writer, with some of my writing up on www.jamespotterproject.com.  I’m into way more Fandoms than are healthy… uh, what else… I like peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  That’s important.

How about where to start if you want to knit your own dolls?  I’ll tell you where I started, I was into Adventure Time, and I wanted to knit a doll of the lead character, Finn.  In my opinion, the best knitting pattern out there for that is from the Lizzard Crafts blog, here (and best of all, it’s completely FREE).  Her construction method was super simple (done almost entirely in flat pieces on straight needles that you sew together), so I decided to alter it.  Major changes included increasing the height of the feet, adjusting the width of the tummy, and adding a normal shaped human head, and doing my own version of arms in the round with mitten like hands.  I also added details like suspenders or converse sneakers with intarsia, and sewed on other details like bowties and pocketwatches.  If you want to learn how to produce dolls like the ones I make on this blog, I suggest starting with her Finn pattern, and then altering little by little.

Well, that’s it for now… I’ll update soon with some construction photos from completed projects.  Catch ya later alligator.

One thought on “Wibbly Wobbly Knits is here!

  1. I love all of your gorgeous doll creations. I think you are so clever & fantastic. I wish you would have a book printed, I would be the first person to buy it!


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